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Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

by Tom Harry
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choosing public utilities as an career

If you’re not in doubt the public utility sector is an excellent career path to think about since, as a professional, you’re responsible for maintaining an infrastructure for public utilities. Additionally, this is a great career choice.

According to research conducted by Infidelity, the utilities sector has a market cap of $1.58 trillion. This implies that the market value of the utility sector is huge and the higher the value of it and the greater the significance of the companies. And I’m certain that professionals all want to work for big companies because of many motives that include high compensation and mentoring, advancement, and many more.

The utility sector includes firms such as electric, gas, and water, and companies that distribute or manufacture of electricity.

Types of Jobs in Public Utilities

There are many jobs in the public utility sector that range from entry-level jobs to managerial positions. Some of the most well-known jobs offered by public utilities include electricians engineers, engineers, customer support representatives, and administrative personnel. Other jobs could include safety specialists, environmental experts managers as well as project managers. Every job requires a different set of capabilities and qualifications, so it’s crucial to find out the requirements specific to the job you’re interested to apply for.

Why choose Public Utilities as Career Path?

For example, Exelon Corp is one of the largest utility companies. It is dedicated to the development of talent while providing rewarding career opportunities. Being a part of Exelon is a place where you’re appreciated for your knowledge and skills and praised for your commitment to your work, and offered the chance to advance through a variety of rewarding job opportunities.

Here are the top reasons that public utilities are an attractive career choice

Growth Opportunites

Both professional and personal development is vital for those looking for an ideal job. It is also crucial for any job that is successful because it allows you to keep developing and improving your professional. The development of employees is at the heart for the vast majority the public utility companies.

Payscale According to Glassdoor the median wage for a Public Utilities Specialist is $75,142 annually for entry-level positions throughout the United States. Your earnings should be sufficient to meet your needs and allow you to be comfortable i.e. being able to cover the expenses of your rent or mortgage along with grocery shopping and other expenses while earning an annual income that can be repaid.

Work Security 

It is a certain level of security for experts employed in the public sector. Your job security indicates that you know when you can satisfy the standards, you can remain at your current position. This field isn’t as well-known like other occupations, making those who work in this area more safe.

What work do Public Utilities People perform?

Public Utilities workers play an essential role in the maintenance of communities, neighborhoods, or even the whole city. From ensuring public security through radioactive and nuclear surveillance to ensuring that the public is healthy through electricity, water and sewer repair We depend on them each day.

Of course, performing these crucial jobs requires extensive knowledge of the equipment and systems employed and the federal and state rules that guide the proper maintenance. This means Public Utilities workers need to keep an eye on knowing when it is time to work with their hands and when to record documents.

All in all, success as a Public Utilities worker requires you to be organized, flexible and a good communicator. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be able to be taught the necessary skills to succeed in pursuing a Public Utilities career, even without any knowledge.

Education and Skill Requirements

10% of the electricity that is generated by the U.S. is from public power plants. –American Public Power Association.

  • Minimal Requirements for Entry-level Jobs

Jobs in the public sector that are entry-level do not require advanced education qualifications. A high school diploma will suffice to be able to get employment as a Utility Operator. In reality, most sewerage workers do not hold more than a high school certificate.

What you must do is to learn as fast as you can while working. If you’re able to master this, a long-lasting and lucrative career in the field will not require expensive degrees.

  • Guaranteed Jobs for Bachelor’s Holders

If you hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in an area that is related to it, obtaining an employment opportunity within Public Utilities becomes a cakewalk. Actually, some of the most lucrative jobs in the field require applicants to hold an undergraduate degree at the very minimum.

An Engineering degree is a great choice to secure a lucrative job in the field. The subject matter could range that includes Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and so on.

  • Additional Certifications

Whatever the field or the industry, additional certifications can be useful in advancing your career. This is also true to the public utility industry. Certificates like CUP (Certified U.S. Safety Practitioner) and PURE (Public Utility Regulations and Economics)come in very handy for those who are just beginning their career in the sector.

So, if you’re into the business and wish to advance your career up to a higher stage, these certifications could provide motivation.

  • Good Physical Strength

The majority of jobs in the public sector will require candidates to be strong physically. As we have discussed that jobs in the field aren’t like desk jobs that require a sedentary lifestyle.

Excellent observation skills and a sharp eye for detail are two other qualities required to be successful in the field. However, the most crucial quality of a person in the various entry-level roles in the public sector must have physical endurance.

  • Ensuring Safety

Every professional who works in the public utility sector must ensure that all safety rules are adhered to. In recent years there is a renewed emphasis on the need to create safe working environments for employees as well as the general public.

In the case of the public utility sector, it is more crucial. Why? because it’s an industry upon which individuals rely for their daily activities. Even the smallest risks could endanger the lives of employees and other members of the public at large.

Last Thoughts

The question is, what do you seek in a career? Is paying potential enough for you? Do you want to make a positive impact in the lives of people? Are you looking for the possibility of expansion in your field? Or do you want some of everything in your career?

Now is the time to get up and build your resume and start searching for jobs.

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