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9+ Side Hustles for College Students (2023)

by Tom Harry
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We know that you’re an active school student. However, the bills and expenses shouldn’t be given breaks just because you’re a student. 

The idea of a college side hustle could be a great opportunity to earn extra cash while you’re concentrating on your research.

This article will discuss good side hustles for college students that are ideal for college students similar to you. You may prefer the convenience of working remotely or prefer the opportunity to work in person Let’s explore some of the top side business ideas to college-aged students.

  1. Virtual Assistant

For those with a knack for organizing virtual assistant side jobs may be an alternative. Virtual assistant positions usually require students to reply to emails, plan meetings, make travel plans, and manage schedules.

Virtual assistant wages vary However, the position can be remote and allows undergraduate students to be employed while in classes.

  1. Social Media Management

With the increasing impact on social networks, companies require assistance in with managing their presence online. If you’ve got a flair with social media, and know how to connect with your audience you should become an expert in social media manager. 

Develop a portfolio that showcases your skills in directing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Make contact with small-sized companies and startups as well as individuals within your circle who might need help in developing their online reputation.

  1. Cleaner For The House

Cleaning up your home can be a physically demanding, but rewarding side job. A lot of people hire cleaning services to help save time or to maintain a clean home. You can provide your services for free or partner with a professional cleaning company.

This is a fantastic way to earn additional cash close to on your campus. The hourly rate for house cleaning may vary based on the dimensions of your house as well as the level of maintenance needed, as well as the location

  1. Become Tour Guide

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in a “touristy” town or city and you’re interested in becoming a tour guide, it could be the perfect job for college students. 

Choose what that you have a basic understanding of (local architecture, the top local restaurants, or legendary ghost stories) Then create a viable tour itinerary. Promote your trip on the local websites or through sites such as the AirBnB. 

If you’re not confident about your area’s environment to solicit the money of tourists, then visit the admissions office at your university instead. Maybe they’re seeking tour guides who can show potential students the area.

  1. Become a Handyman or Handywoman

In any area you reside there are people who can’t do basic home repairs or do not desire to. If you’ve got one or two handy skills you could offer your services as a handyman handywoman. 

Promote your talents on the local website for services as well as on flyers posted at many local companies. You can set your own work hours and establish your own price for each job Be aware that many people are willing to pay a lot for someone to use a hammer, put up the latest lighting fixture or build a brand fresh item of furniture.

  1. Babysitter

Babysitting can be a flexible and profitable side hustle that involves taking care of children when their parents are absent. 

It is a great side hustle for those studying in the field of early childhood. College students who have worked in child care can look for opportunities via word-of-mouth and local community groups and even online platforms..

You have to pass a background check as well as CPR or first aid certification are highly recommended. The time commitment for babysitting could be different based on the arrangement and the type of child, but typically it involves weekends, evenings, and occasionally, work shifts on weekdays.

  1. Tutoring

If you are a pro in a specific subject or possess excellent teaching abilities tutoring could be an enjoyable side business

You could offer your knowledge in different disciplines to other students, as well as high school pupils. Begin by promoting the services to the campus community, distributing flyers, or advertising on the internet. It is also possible to sign up on tutoring platforms such as Wyzant or Chegg that provide you with students who need help with specific topics.

  1. Market Yourself as a Resume or LinkedIn Expert

Writing readable resumes and LinkedIn profiles that demonstrate to employers precisely what they want to know can be a challenge for certain. 

Because this could get against potential job opportunities, they will give you money to help increase their chances. To begin, make sure you attend classes (boost the resume by incorporating the certificates) and make a portfolio. The median salary is $20 an hour however, the more you improve your skills the higher you can make!

  1. Sign Up as a Substitute Teacher

It is not necessary to have an education certificate, or any prior experience to make a living by working as a substitute. 

However, you do require graduated from high school and pass a background screening. If you are able to work on a school day or two make an appointment with your school district and await the (usually early morning) call. Substituting is not just a way to pay well, but a lot of teachers let their substitutes watch films or activities led by students that leaving plenty of time to work on your studies.

Bonus Points – 3 Best Side Hustles for Introverts

  • Housesit To begin, ensure that there aren’t any images of the party incriminating Facebook. Done? Go to Craigslist and search for those who require a house sitter for a month while living in Japan. Right? You can do it.
  • Pet sitting: Just like housesitting it is not uncommon to find people who want college students to take their dog a stroll and feed the cat and sing songs to the goldfish during their time away from home. Continue to line up these side hustles and for just one hour of your time you’ll have some good extra cash.
  • Doggy Walking If your dog is a favorite, you must be aware that there are busy people who don’t have enough time to go out with their dogs for walks. Don’t be judgmental – just take your money and do it for them! Dog walking and pet sitting are always in high demand.

Tips To Successfully Manage An Extra-Curricular Business In College

Being able to successfully manage a side business in addition to your college obligations requires the right strategy. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed.

  • Utilize an efficient time strategy for managing time. Set realistic deadlines using time-blocking methods, and design a plan that allows you to balance your academic obligations alongside your work.
  • Prioritize your academic obligations. Allocate enough time for classes, completing assignments, and completing. Your academics should always have the first place.
  • Use online tools. Take advantage of tools for managing projects, productivity apps, and digital calendars to keep your tasks in order and efficiently manage your work.
  • Create a network of support. Surround yourself with friends and mentors who will provide advice and assistance when you are navigating your college life. Networking can lead to opportunities.
  • Be mindful of your mental and physical health. Don’t overwork yourself. Pause, take breaks, participate in self-care exercises, and prioritize your physical and mental health. Achieving a balance is essential to long-term success.

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