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Is HR a Good Career Path

by Tom Harry
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It’s clear that some people don’t like the thought of working in HR and recruiting. Human resources is frequently the first to hear about bad or disappointing news. 

For instance it’s the primary contact point if there’s a dispute with your payroll as well as a workplace conflict or an unexpected redundancy as well, they’ll review applications for jobs, and looking into your academic and professional background. 

This is a job of power that can lead to opposition, and one should consider the question: why would anyone be interested in pursuing a career in recruitment or HR?

In the end, there’s plenty positive answers for this concern. We’re even convinced that in the end the benefits that HR professionals have to offer overshadow any drawbacks and make it a desirable alternative for smart and determined students who are looking for a job which emphasizes interpersonal skills as well as changes in culture. 

These are the reasons you should consider an job in human resource and recruiting.

You Can Strategize With the Best of Them

Do you happen to be the person who can always create the perfect itinerary for your vacation with your family or friends which incorporates all the essential points and keeps everyone feel satisfied? You were in charge of creating the plan of action for students’ groups that you were a member of, or in the non-profit organization which you were a volunteer at?

Although it might not seem evident to non-experts that HR can be an extremely strategic job. 

As a HR professional, you’re always taking into consideration the competing priorities and needs as such, you have to be able to analyze the consequences of making a choice and then come up with feasible choices. In the case of example, if rate of market salaries for the necessary skill are expensive in relation to budget, what do you suggest?

The best HR pros understand all the factors that go into making business decisions and can come up with plans that take into account all of these components–especially the people. They are able to create and implement plans and objectives to make sure that the company continues to be in a positive direction. 

For instance, if the company moving into a new market. HR will need to stay on top of their game in establishing plans for attracting the best mixture of skills and talent at the appropriate places promptly.

You’re Approachable

If you’re a person that is easy to get along with or who can listen without judgment or yelling about the things you’ve heard and is able to help others to determine next steps You’ve got a few essential qualities of HR professionals.

Everyone from employees to the interns up to the CEO should feel at ease speaking to you and interacting with you. They might even reach often for help and guidance because you are able to be able to identify potential ways instead of picking which side to take.

There Are No Two Days That Are Identical

The one thing that all student HR professionals can agree with is that every day, they face a myriad of problems, ranging in a range of administrative responsibilities, from writing contracts or reviewing applications to more human-focused jobs, such as surveying employees in order to help them formulate ideas about what is the most effective way to implement methods of work. 

In the end, a majority of the students interviewed described their jobs as positive, with statements such as “[it’s] challenging and covers a wide range of issues” as well as “my main attraction to the field is that it is so diverse, [so] I can look into OHS, recruitment, consulting etc.” 

In the end, what appears is the impression that working in HR is a profession isn’t one in which you’re expected to be doing the same thing all the time, which is good news because as it is said, diversity is the best spice in life.

Career paths for HR professionals

In order to help you plan your career path Here are a few HR career paths which you could follow to advance whether horizontally or vertically. 

A vertical shift is the progression of your career in which you move up one level. A horizontal change signifies when you’re heading toward a job (or functional profile) at the same level that your current position. For a better understanding of your career possibilities, you should begin with the functional profile you have for the position you’re currently in.

Last Thoughts

If you’re planning to get an HR-related job it’s natural to wonder “Is human resources a good career?”

The field lets you increase your network of contacts and increase your awareness. It also helps you understand the perspectives of others, and develop solving skills.

In addition to having an “growing career,” it provides a variety of learning opportunities and lets you apply the lessons in real time.

If you are a problem solver with strong as well as communication and leadership abilities, a career in HR will help you achieve your full potential.

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